Hello everyone and welcome to Week 15 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before SUNDAY, April 24 (11:59pm).

1. Go through the material in the Art Between the Wars museum wing.

2. Respond to the following forum on Slack.

Slack channel #week15part1

  • World War I disrupted the position of Paris as the center of the art world. Choose a work of art and describe how it reflects a more global and industrial art scene.

Slack channel #week15part2

  • This week we are looking at the first truly abstract art. Prior to this we have looked at pieces that were abstracted but still recognizable. Discuss this general shift toward increasing abstraction and the reasons for it. Use specific examples.

Final project also due by APRIL 24 (11:59pm).

Please post a video, slide presentation, or other visual material along with a short explanation of the project in the Slack channel #final-projects.  This post is worth half of your Final Project grade.

For more details on the final project please go to the “Final Project” page under “Course Documents.”

Final project reflection paper due by Wednesday, APRIL 27 (11:59pm).

Please turn in via Canvas. The Reflection Paper is worth half of your Final Project grade.