Hello everyone and welcome to Week 7 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before SUNDAY, February 27 (11:59PM).


1. Go through the material in the Baroque wing.

2. Respond to the following forums on Slack:

Slack channel #week7part1

  • Followers of Caravaggio were known as Caravaggisti or Tenebrists, while followers of Reubens were known as Reubenistes. These two artists represented two radically different visual styles of painting but they are both considered to be Baroque. Discuss the differences and similarities between these styles and how they fit into the larger discussion around the Baroque.

Slack channel #week7part2

  • Baroque artists often employed exaggerated movement, dramatic chiaroscuro, and exquisite detailing.  As a result the Baroque style is often characterized as theatrical and grandiose.  Please choose a work of art from the Baroque museum wing and discuss specific elements of the work that contribute to its theatricality.