Hello everyone and welcome to Week 2 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before SUNDAY, July 10 (11:59PM)

1. Go through the material in the High Renaissance, Venetian Renaissance, and Northern Renaissance Art wings.

2. Respond to the discussion questions posted in the Slack channels #week2part1 and #week2part2. Remember to comment on at least two of your classmate’s responses.

Slack channel #week2part1

  • New Techniques: Renaissance artists built on the accomplishments of those before them and developed a variety of new techniques including chiaroscuro, sfumato, extreme foreshortening, etc. How do these innovations push the Renaissance from its early phase to what we now call the ‘High Renaissance’ in Rome and Venice? Be specific in your answer.

Slack channel #week2part2

  • The Protestant Reformation: After Martin Luther published his 95 Theses parts of Northern Europe and England rejected the visual trappings of the Catholic Church. This resulted in new genres and styles in art. Compare and contrast works of art during this time period that were made in service of the Catholic Church and those that responded to the message of the Protestant Reformation.

3. Turn in your first Grant Proposal via Canvas.