Week 6

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 6 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before 11:59pm, Sunday, August 7.

1. Go through the material in the European and American Avant-Garde Art and the Art Between the Wars wings.

2. Respond to the discussion questions posted in the Slack channels #week6part1 and #week6part2.   Remember to comment on at least two of your classmate’s responses.

Slack channel #week6part1

  • The term “avant-garde” means art that is innovative – introducing or exploring new forms or subject matter.  Choose a work from this week’s museum wing, and discuss in detail how the work exemplifies the idea of the “avant-garde.”

Slack channel #week6part2

  • This week we are looking at the first truly abstract art. Prior to this we have looked at pieces that were abstracted but still recognizable. Discuss this general shift toward increasing abstraction and the reasons for it. Use specific examples.

3. Follow the instructions on the Final Project page. Post your finished work on the Slack channel called #final-project. Include a video, slide presentation, or other visual material along with a short explanation of the project.

4. Submit your reflection paper and visual document through Canvas.

5. Comment on at at least two of your fellow student’s projects on Slack. Please keep comments constructive.