Hello everyone and welcome to Week 3 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 5th (11:59PM).

1. Go through the material in the Venetian Renaissance wing.

2. Respond to the following forums on Slack:

Slack channel #week3part1

  • Venetian Renaissance art differed from that created in Florence in many ways including technique, subject matter, and intended audience. Choose works from both traditions to compare and contrast.

Slack channel #week3part2

  • While artistic production in the name of Christianity was very important in Venice, there was a rise in secular (or non-religious) commissions. How do the conditions of production and display for these works differ from their religious counterparts.


The Doctor Jones Institute of Lost Treasure is asking for proposals to include a new work of art in the museum. The Institute has noticed that there is room in the following wings: Early Renaissance Art, High Renaissance Art, the Venetian Renaissance, and the Northern Renaissance.

What work (that is not already discussed as part of the class) do you think deserves to be included in the museum halls? Tell us why you think it is so important. How does it fit in with the other works in the wing? How does it expand our understanding of Renaissance art in general?

Please follow the instructions under the tab Course Documents -> Grant Proposals to submit your entries. All proposals are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, February 12. Please submit them through Canvas.