Hello everyone and welcome to Week 4 of ART F262X.

Please do the following before SUNDAY, July 24 (11:59PM).

1. Go through the material in the Rococo Art and Neoclassicism/Romanticism wings.

2. Respond to the following forums on Slack:

Slack channel #week4part1

  • At first glance Baroque and Rococo styles appear to be very similar. However, the motivations that led to the development of each were very different. Compare and contrast the differences between the two.

Slack channel #week4part2

  • Neoclassicism and Romanticism both grew out of the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution – Neoclassicism a reaffirmation of Enlightenment principles and Romanticism a reaction against them. Discuss how the work in this unit responds to this debate.